Hello there,

although the Phoronix Forums are still somewhat low-traffic, I really enjoy reading and posting here. We may be a rather small community, but also a polite and knowledgeable one, and that's what counts, right?

One thing that, however, is constantly itching me, is the recurring spam that finds its way into the database every now and then.

I'd suggest some trivial set of measurements to prevent this from happening. I consider those spamming attacks to happen in an automated manner, so it should suffice to add a checkbox to each form which needs to be checked in order to be allowed to post, labelled "I confim I'm not an automated script." or so. We could also think about implementing captchas (though I personally usually fail them at least on first attempt ) to fight this problem.

Comments? Suggestions?
Please let us (first of all, Michael ) know.