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DX11 is not better, it is closed proprietary library/API, officially pushed by company, widely known for Embrace, Extend, Extinguish and other non-ethical tactics, to the standard in computer graphics.
Regardless of ethics, it's technologically superior...

There are some "open hardware" CPU designs out there... But I'd wager you're using a CPU created by Intel or AMD, which only exist because of those company's closed source proprietary software they use to design their chips.. You can pull the ethics card all you want, and I don't disagree here with what you think of these bad ethics.. What I'm talking about though has nothing to do with ethics, it has to do with the design of the technology itself.. The core technology behind OpenGL is inferior to DX11, and the only reason you believe it's superior is because you're overplaying the ethics card.

I keep hearing why OpenGL is superior because it's supposedly so open.. But let's not forget that a lot of technologies in OpenGL requires patent licensing in order for you, or your users, to be able to use it.. From what I've seen, OpenGL is a *LONG* way away from what a lot of people claim it is, and the OpenGL consortium really doesn't seem to care. At least with DirectX, you can use all of the technologies (S3TC, floating point textures, etc.) without having to pay a dime to license any patents. Microsoft has already licensed it for you, or they're the patent holder themselves.