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    Hi Everyone,

    I about to upgrade to AM2 from 939 and i have decided to wait for the new AMD chipsets to come out against Nvidia. for the AM2/AM2+, and as a guy how likes to keep graphics and chipset together:-

    Would it be possible to see a match-up article between the 8600GT Vs 2600XP now that AMD has started interacting with the community and the recent driver release of the 8.42 driver??

    (wouldn't mind seeing the cards in SLI/Crossfire and comparison against the Win drivers as well)

    Thanks anyway

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    By the 2600XP do you mean the Radeon HD 2600XT?

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    I was wondering if anyone could post a review on the 8800gtx. I have been waiting for the g92 chipset to come out and was wondering how the 8800gt compared to the 8800gtx?

    I have looked around and have not found any reviews for the 8800gtx under linux. I mainly just want to see how many fps the 8800gtx gets on some of the newer games.

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