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Thread: Three Days Left To The Humble Introversion

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    Default Three Days Left To The Humble Introversion

    Phoronix: Three Days Left To The Humble Introversion

    There's three days left to the Humble Introversion Bundle that offers up a collection of DRM-free, multi-platform games at whatever price you wish, but how is this Linux game sale performing?..

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoronix View Post
    This latest beta improves the GPU performance
    Oilrush is so amazing!

    Hm, now, complain about a topic relatively unrelated to the title mixed into an article, or be happy it didn't get its own? Decisions, decisions...

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    Just bought the bundle. Ah. I love these Humble Bundles. Indie games, broad platform support, no DRM, nice gameplay (still so in love with Aquaria) just great.
    Still one thing makes me a little sad and that is the average sales price. 4.11 USD atm is quite low. I mean I don't have a big purse, but actually, such a lot of games and stuff for charity/EFF could be worth a little more to people. Intersting to see the steady trend of OS distribution and value people put in for the bundle depending on OS. And some people still claim Linux wasn't a market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adarion View Post
    And some people still claim Linux wasn't a market.
    Many still claim it isn't a market, but as a Mac user Linux is at least as large a target as OS X was 10 years ago and it managed to have a great many indie titles as well as several commercial class games from the era like the Fallout, THPS, AvP, Civilization, Black & White, Sacrifice among many others.

    Perhaps we need to bludgeon the commercial studios with that fact?

    Either way, any hope of Gameolith or Desura getting the rights to sell all the old commercial titles that have already been ported? Would at least make for some essentially free money for them off those of us that never got to some of those titles and don't have faith in the LGP.
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    I just took a look at the source license, and, uh... wow. It's basically a preamble saying "we hope you do interesting things like X, Y, and Z!" followed by license terms saying "you may not do X, Y, or Z". I might still buy the bundle, but I'm not touching that bullshit with a ten-foot pole.

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