Hello guys

I am writing an article on the state of graphics driver on linux. What I aim to do is compare Intel, AMD and Nvdia graphics support in both open source and closed alternatives.
Till now this is how I plan to test . Use Ubuntu and Mandirva / Fedora 16 for the test environment. and test the graphics capabilities in multiple desktop environment.

1. check desktop env, compatibility and performance. Gnome3, legacy gnome, unity and kde.
2. glxgears as the benchmarks ?
3. unigine benchmarks for comparing opensource and closed performance diff.
4. 1080p and hardware acceleration.

So what I want is you guys to suggest me some better test if available and please post your experience with performance and specially h.w acceleration in Intel and nvidia.

This is probably the first time I am asking for inputs but I need it to make the article comprehensive. Any inputs and suggestions are welcome.

Please do help me making a decent writeup.