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I don't use Gnome nor am I a "fanboy". There's no excuse for the language used in those "rants" especially when we are talking about open source developement.

No one is pointing a gun at your head. You are free to use what ever you like. If the projects you like die, they aren't as popular as you think.

If you believe that developer is being disrespectful by not doing exactly what you would like him to do on his/her freetime then you are a fucking idiot.

After reading some of the comments on the survey I'm not suprised at all. I feel bad for the people who have to spend their time on cleaning up this crap on BugZilla so they can use it for what it's desinged for.

Constructive criticism, ever heard of it?
Constructive criticism isn't posible with some attitudes...Have you ever read the GS mailing lists about the "bugs" and new "features"? Look at them and then leave your opinion... I use GS DAiLY, unlike you, so I can rant if I don't like some "features" of it. And I use KDE and XFCE too at work when needed. And I used GNOME Bugzilla too.

The "gun in the head" argument is soooo childish... Many GNOME users are tied to GNOME technologies for some reasons, and they don't want to or can switch to other desktops. Devs and designers BROKE with the GNOME 2.XX desktop model without a very good reason, only because they wanted to "innovate"; there weren't enormous numbers of users wanting a "revolution".

If you aren't using GNOME shell, you don't understand anything about the rants. Again, take your head outside your FOSS happy ass, use GS first and stop trolling about GNOME users rants and criticism...