Thanks for your work, Zajec!

Unfortunately, very same as FunkyRider, I was once purchasing card for open driver, and had to pick 4770, cause Evergreens were not supported at all back then.
That way, I would be using 5770 already, but thanks to ATI/AMD it was not to happen. Fglrx is not an option, maybe its improved, but its still unlikely on par to green stuff. Even if it matches, green stuff has wider selection of pieces covered. Nothing new here.

If SIMD-based HD8xxx will be released and supported by opensource, thanks to documentation and cooperation from AMD, I may purchase one in the future. 7xxx is not an option due to VLIW driver difficulty as far as I understand; purchasing 79xx for sake of very slow driver - is same error I did with 4770, so Im looking to 8xxx. AMD has all time of the world