"Nine activists succeeded in the early morning to sneak into the nuclear plant at Nogent-sur-Seine. On the roof of the reactor block, they unfurled a banner with the inscription "safe nuclear power does not exist""

"we could overcome within 15 minutes all safety equipment."

"Greenpeace accuses the government that after the earthquake disaster in Fukushima ordered investigations of the plants too much focus on their resistance to environmental disasters such as earthquakes or floods. In an interview with the AP said Majnoni d'Intignano: "In a few months the government will come to the conclusion that our nuclear power plants are very, very safe, because they can withstand an earthquake or a flood." The real risk for the nuclear industry, however, are "external, non-elemental attacks such as the risk of a terrorist attack," the spokeswoman said. the government of Fukushima, the signals did not understand."

If terrorists attack the nuclear power plant with a bomb this Beyond design basis event will become a Worst Case nuclear disaster.

Nuclear power = Worst Case deliberate error construction