I'm buying a new pc. The PC will use exclusively a linux distro (very likely a choice between opensuse 12.1 and Xubuntu). Mostly I use 3d capabilities for games under wine, some work with graphic software and video-editing too.
Also it would be nice to have flash video and in general gpu acceleration for movies.
I'm looking for a vga, and to be honest looking also at the review on this forum about the gtx 550 Ti , AMD solutions seem the best to me as the right compromise between price.
I'm in particular pointing at the 6770 which use less power, cost 20 euro less and it seems outperforming a bit the gtx 550 TI.

Normally I wouldn't consider switching to AMD, but I have another machine mounting a 460gtx. Well lately I'm incurring in some problems which seem/might be related to the Nvidia graphic drivers:
repeated crashes due to flash plugin, occasional freezes on the desktop that force me to manually switch off the power. I made some research and other have addressed those problems to Nvidia drivers.
Even with latest drivers nothing changed.

Now what I'd like to know if anyone is using amd card with the latest drivers and playing games under wine. Also I'd like to know what problems with video acceleration or 2d performance might occur using a amd vga.
Also extremely important: I have a dual-monitor setup