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Right now I'm using the Chrome dev channel with a bunch of override flags and Chrome Adblock (unrelated to Adblock Plus which will eventually port this nonsense to their Chrome version).

The reason for my moving over to Chrome and Chrome Adblock is because there's finally (recent Chrome with override switches) a way to get Chrome Adblock to kill off every ad, every bad element, and every pop under or pop up.

I'm just so pissed off by the way Firefox is going that this Adblock Plus nonsense from Wladimir Palant has been the last straw and has completely pushed me over the edge.

Here's a new one for Michael.

If I want to print something from your site, and don't want to waste my printer ink on your skyscraper ads (because printer ink is very expensive), and I only flipped on Adblock to not waste ink, am I "stealing"?

Don't you in fact harm your users that want to use the print function if you lock out anyone who blocks ads, even if they only do it to not waste a lot of very very expensive ink?
I have never heard of anybody that has wanted to print an article that they can read online, ever. That point is not valid.