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First of all you can certainly use Linux, KDE works ok with fglrx, maybe a few delays here and there, but you could think that is normal when you don't have got a comparison. If you want to use video players in default config stay away of xserver 1.11 until the xv crashing bug is fixed. The new xbmc branch with xvba support may be worth a try as well when you dont have got h264 l5.1 videos. Just dont expect miracles from fglrx, when there is a bug in one driver release be sure it will be in the next 2-3 releases as well especially because of the well known extra stupid release way, nobody needs 12 half backed drivers, just a driver after every new kernel/xorg release which are fully compatible. Or at least preview drivers to see if they will fix something... That this release way does not work is 100% clear, as you see the same when you search for a rage performance driver, there have been 2 official release drivers, none of em with all rage fixes, but at least 4 preview drivers with special fixes, maybe i forgot one or two...
You nailed it on the head there. AMD has duplicated their Windows release schedule on Linux, and it simply doesn't work for that platform.

There are way to many bugs that pop up on linux, and then take 3 months to get fixed - it would be better to just release the driver every 3 months to begin with.

And likewise, new kernel/x support is always 3 months late as well - if AMD didn't have to release a new version every single month they could focus on working ahead to get support out for new versions around when the software is actually released rather than forcing everyone to wait for it.