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Thread: AMD Catalyst 2011 Driver Year In Review

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    Default AMD Catalyst 2011 Driver Year In Review

    Phoronix: AMD Catalyst 2011 Driver Year In Review

    With AMD having published the Catalyst 11.12 driver yesterday, the year is now complete as far as their graphics drivers are concerned. As such, for the sixth year, it's time for the year-in-review articles looking at how the NVIDIA and AMD GPU drivers have matured over the past twelve months in terms of features and OpenGL performance.

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    I really think Linux users don't fathom how fast the ATI drivers are compared to Windows. It's easy for people to think Windows still has the credentials for gaming and general graphics apps, over Linux.

    My only gripe is compatibility with Wine. Nvidia seems to be the better option for running Windows Games on Wine. I really hope ATI can spend some time with Wine Devs or doing their own investigations on how to improve. Example, many are having trouble with new 'Elder Scrolls - Skyrim' on ATI withd Wine whilst Nvidia people are smooching it through. Everquest is another games where graphics doesn't draw properly.

    Another note is ATI really have done work to improve KDE/QT with OpenCL doing desktop drawing. It's so fast now.
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    Default Problems of Lightmark

    However, the Catalyst 11.9, 11.10, and 11.11 drivers broke the benchmark with this system configuration.
    Yap that also happend to me both for Win and Lin drivers. And I thought, Lightmark is broke for only my system

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    can we expect an update in xvba/vaapi capabilities in 2012? I noticed packages @splitted-desktop are now longer maintained?

    hd playback could improve a lot compared to the windows driver ... that's what I miss most, not the 3d eye candy things.

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