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Thread: Concept Work: Doing WebGL In Clutter's WebKit

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    Default Concept Work: Doing WebGL In Clutter's WebKit

    Phoronix: Concept Work: Doing WebGL In Clutter's WebKit

    There's proof-of-concept code now available for handling WebGL with GPU acceleration through Clutter's port of the WebKit engine. Due to limitations with Clutter, the WebGL support in WebKit as used by the GTK, Qt, and Mac OS X implementations isn't possible so a new design has been brewing...

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    Sounds like a hack that could potentially just weaken the safety and performance advantages of using the cogl API directly. Windows browsers don't use OpenGL to implement WebGL, so there's already working proof that WebGL can be implemented on top of another API. Hell, you pretty much have to anyway as WebGL is based on GL ES 2 and not regular GL, and there are notable differences in the shading language that is going to require a dedicated shader parser/translator to be 100% correct anyway.

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