Would it be possible to work something out with Phoronix to write and article focused onthe new compute capabilities of Southern Islands under Linux. One thing I'm interested in is how compute loads impact graphics usage, are we to the point where long running compute jobs do not impact graphics significantly. I guess that is a question about support for threads. However any info that you are free to spill that gives us a better mental image of improvements to Southern Islands compute performance would be welcomed.

This question you probably can't answer but when will we see a Fusion processor using Southern Islands technology?

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I haven't looked much at UVD in the latest GPUs but I thought they were still UVD 3. Can't really talk much about UVD at this point because I don't know what we are going to be able to release, although we are going to take another look in the new year.

I don't think we have looked at PowerTune specifically; my guess is that the first chance to do that will be a few months from now. There are some more fundamental power management improvements I would like to get out first, and they will probably be a pre-requisite for PowerTune anyways.