I've had the 8.43.2 flgrx driver for what seems like a while now, but lately I have an odd problem.

Basically in 3-D games and other hardware accelerated things, such as screensavers, I have some some sort of massive sinusoidal variance/lag in fps.
When watching/playing, things are smooth for a while, then suddenly slow to really low spead, and then suddenly speed up, and it will appear as though the screen is trying to display 2 or 3 seconds worth of frames at once, then be smooth again for a few seconds, and than do it again. Most of the screensavers and the latest versions of astromenace and warsow all have this problem. The Ubuntu 7.10 repo version (which is a bit outdated) of openarena does not, though.

In any case, just wondering if anybody had ideas about what might be responsible.

Lastly, my XV overly shows no noticeable problems.

Have an ATI x700 mobility on a turion 64 single core 2ghz laptop w/ 1 gig of ram.