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    Yeah, I got a question for ATI, what do they smoke? What do they do 8 hours a day 5 days a week and release a 3 bug fix release on the most simple things that could possibly be added to a release. I like AMD, I really do, but with all the outstanding issues and bugs in fglrx, they could only manage to fix 3 extremely minor issues over the course of a month?

    I don't care if you have 1 or 3 guys working on that driver, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, you can accomplish alot more than that. I almost think they are playing ping pong in the office. Going around with beer bongs and getting completely wasted then they sit down and well.. Okay! Time to get to work! Lets see... Oh yeah, we need to add 2.6.23 kernel support, okay, that should take us about a month to add that.

    Now, you can say, well they are preparing for the now called 7.12 driver, I think thats bogus. So they're going to have everyone wait yet another month and don't even fix at least one major issue? We aren't concerned with new features at this point, we really could care less, we want bug fixes, and stable drivers. Something we honestly never had. Yeah now they can run pretty fast when they want to, but that doesn't solve the issue.

    Alright I'm done venting. I still have faith in AMD, and we better see some decent results in the releases to come since they are hiring more people for their Linux driver development. Because if we see another release like this, I'm going to hold my end of the bargain and give Phoronix a video called "What happens when you have a ATI card and a baseball bat?". You want action, I'll dish it out in full. Haha.

    Alright well anyway, I hope to see better releases from them in the future, this release was a joke. I think at this pace, the Open Source driver will pass fglrx in about a year to year in a half from now.
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