I'm happy to present to you the christmas version for Ultracopier 0.3, it is in alpha stade, it can be used without big problem, the performances are here. It use the latest version of catchcopy (to intercept windows copy), the plugin support is not terminated, the plugin's web site (and the update) it's to do. The translation is done only in french (you can ask me a translation pack). It's based on Qt 4.8.
You have the base interface like supercopier, too the interface like teracopy, this version should have near functionality of 0.2, but with more performance and data security. The support and development of the version 0.2 is definitively stopped.
You can consult my comparative about Ultracopier, supercopier, teracopy, copy handler
http://files.first-world.info/ultrac...64Bits.tar.bz2 (Qt 4.7 linked)

I wish return on this application to improve it, thanks to you. Help is welcome too.