I'm wondering how the AMD APUs do with Linux.

I've never even -once- considered building a system with AMD Graphics, and only once for AMD mobos/CPUs. I've instead opted for Intel Atoms, i3s, Celerons, and at one point VIA EPIA and Nanos. I've run lots of distros on lots of hardware:

EpiOS (VIA EPIA specialized distro based on Gentoo)

The last time I ran Linux on anything AMD was on an Athlon X2 4200, and even that was NVIDIA graphics. I'm wondering how the new AMD "APU" systems work with modern distros. I am not afraid of configuration, I'm just afraid of getting nowhere no matter how much I tweak and configure. Intel + NVIDIA/Intel + Intel Graphics, and even headless AMD + NVIDIA seem to be winning combos because of the great, reliable drivers available, and since my last time trying to get AMD drivers working on Linux (ATI Radeon - AGP 9800 pro- NIGHTMARE!) I've been wary of the platform.

I'm hoping that some helpful members here may help me "get up to speed" with Linux support on AMD hardware (CPU+GPUs)- perhaps resolving some potential misconceptions (eg.: Configuration is a nightmare and I'll never get anywhere) along the way.

Those of you out there on AMD running Linux successfully- let me know your experiences!