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Thread: AGP PCI-E Issues (Rialto chip) No Interupt (IRQ) assigned, Poor performance.

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    Default AGP PCI-E Issues (Rialto chip) No Interupt (IRQ) assigned, Poor performance.

    Hi, I'm starting this new thread as the old one was getting to off-topic (

    The problem, AGP Cards, with PCI-E chips on them, and thus using the realto bridge chip, aren't getting Interupts assigned resulting in utterly poor performance.

    The DMESG snipped from loading/activating the driver:

    fglrx: module license 'Proprietary. (C) 2002 - ATI Technologies, Starnberg, GERMANY' taints kernel.
    [fglrx] Maximum main memory to use for locked dma buffers: 1898 MBytes.
    [fglrx] ASYNCIO init succeed!
    [fglrx] PAT is enabled successfully!
    [fglrx] module loaded - fglrx 8.43.2 [Nov  9 2007] on minor 0
    ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:01:00.0[A] -> GSI 16 (level, low) -> IRQ 19
    [fglrx] IRQ_MGR is disabled untill GART_CACHABLE memory will be implemented
    [fglrx] Internal AGP support requested, but kernel AGP support active.
    [fglrx] Have to use kernel AGP support to avoid conflicts.
    [fglrx] AGP detected, AgpState   = 0x1f000a1b (hardware caps of chipset)
    agpgart: Found an AGP 3.0 compliant device at 0000:00:00.0.
    agpgart: Putting AGP V3 device at 0000:00:00.0 into 8x mode
    agpgart: Putting AGP V3 device at 0000:01:00.0 into 8x mode
    [fglrx] AGP enabled,  AgpCommand = 0x1f000312 (selected caps)
    The relevant part from the Xorg.log:
    (II) fglrx(0): [drm] DRM interface version 1.0
    (II) fglrx(0): [drm] created "fglrx" driver at busid "PCI:1:0:0"
    (II) fglrx(0): [drm] added 8192 byte SAREA at 0x2000
    (II) fglrx(0): [drm] mapped SAREA 0x2000 to 0xb7f9e000
    (II) fglrx(0): [drm] framebuffer handle = 0x3000
    (II) fglrx(0): [drm] added 1 reserved context for kernel
    (II) fglrx(0): DRIScreenInit done
    (II) fglrx(0): Kernel Module Version Information:
    (II) fglrx(0):     Name: fglrx
    (II) fglrx(0):     Version: 8.43.2
    (II) fglrx(0):     Date: Nov  9 2007
    (II) fglrx(0):     Desc: ATI FireGL DRM kernel module
    (II) fglrx(0): Kernel Module version matches driver.
    (II) fglrx(0): Kernel Module Build Time Information:
    (II) fglrx(0):     Build-Kernel UTS_RELEASE:        2.6.23-gentoo-r1
    (II) fglrx(0):     Build-Kernel MODVERSIONS:        no
    (II) fglrx(0):     Build-Kernel __SMP__:            yes
    (II) fglrx(0):     Build-Kernel PAGE_SIZE:          0x1000
    (II) fglrx(0): [drm] register handle = 0x00004000
    (EE) fglrx(0): Failed to enable interrupts.
    (II) fglrx(0): [pci] find AGP GART
    (II) fglrx(0): [agp] Mode=0x1f000a1b bridge: 0x1106/0x0282
    (II) fglrx(0): [agp] AGP v1/2 disable mask 0x00000000
    (II) fglrx(0): [agp] AGP v3 disable mask   0x00000000
    (II) fglrx(0): [agp] enabling AGP with mode=0x1f000b1a
    (II) fglrx(0): [agp] Remapping MC AGP space (new MCAGPBase = 0xc0000000)
    (II) fglrx(0): [agp] AGP protocol is enabled for graphics board. (cmd=0x1f000312)
    (II) fglrx(0): [agp] graphics chipset has AGP v3.0 (native mode)
    (II) fglrx(0): DRI initialization successfull!
    (II) fglrx(0): FBADPhys: 0xe0100000 FBMappedSize: 0x01000400
    (II) fglrx(0): FBMM initialized for area (0,0)-(1280,3277)
    (II) fglrx(0): FBMM auto alloc for area (0,0)-(1280,1024) (front color buffer - assumption)
    (II) fglrx(0): Largest offscreen area available: 1280 x 2253
    (==) fglrx(0): Backing store disabled
    This has been going on since .. all the 'new' 8.X driver series, the only other driver that was usable before that was 8.34.5.

    Since i also have an 9500Pro AGP, i can luckly use that one, which works great. So it's definably driver related. The card also works fine in Windos. (Yes i actually installed ONLY to see if the card would work properly there. I'm that desperate).

    So please, Micheal, ATi-devs .. somebody, acknowledge this bug. At least then we don't have to test these drivers constantly, but can simply see in the known bugs section there's still an issue here. Also If none of the beta testers have AGP PCI-e cards, i'm still happy to sign up as an BETA tester.

    bug #914 on the bugzilla ( also is about this issue.
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