Hi everyone, first post here.

I just recently installed Kubuntu 11.10 64-bit on my HP Pavilion D7 laptop, due to Win7 taking a crap. I was curious if I could run my Steam games over Wine, so I used PlayOnLinux 4.0.14 to install Steam. I re-downloaded ESIV: Oblivion, and everything seemed to go well until I tried to play it. Even on the lowest settings and 800x600 resolution, there was massive video corruption and window flickering, and sound didn't work after the title screen.

My HP Pavilion D7 has an AMD Turion II processor @ 2.4 GHz and an ATi Radeon HD 4530M discrete GPU, which could play Oblivion smoothly on medium settings and 1280x800 resolution while in Windows.

Granted, I'm running the open-source radeon drivers that come with Kubuntu 11.10, and I know they're still immature.

Are there any tricks or tweaks I can make to my currently existing setup to get a playable experience, whether it be to Kubuntu/ PlayOnLinux/ Wine/ Steam/ radeon drivers, or will I need to install the proprietary ATI driver to get Oblivion working? I like my desktop the way it is, and I'm more than a little concerned about the quality of my desktop experience if I switch to the closed drivers.