I recently bought a motherboard ASUS P5E-VM HDMI with G35 chipset. The board got onboard vga and hdmi connectors. The vga-port works great (bios/boot/X) out of the box with the intel-driver. The hdmi with the supplied hdmi-dvi adapter didnt work at all when using a dvi-vga adapter (obviously hdmi is digital only, correct me here if im wrong), nor in bios and neither on boot.

If I instead use a dvi-d cable with the hdmi-dvi adapter bios/boot works great (even dual with the vga connected to) but now is where the problem starts .... X .... no matter what resolution I use my LCD-monitor (connected to the hdmi-port) replys with "OUT OF RANGE", I've tried like 20 differend modelines from 800x600 up to 1280x1024 (that is the native resolution for the monitor) and all of them produces the "OUT OF RANGE". The monitor is a Compaq 1720.

Even when the only connected monitor is the LCD to the hdmi and boot mythbuntu 7.10 live-cd I keep getting "OUT OF RANGE" when X loads, boot works great.

Is there anything more special one need to consider when using a digital connection to a monitor besides resolution/refreshrates ?