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Thread: Gentoo Linux 12.0 LiveDVD Released

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    Default Gentoo Linux 12.0 LiveDVD Released

    Phoronix: Gentoo Linux 12.0 LiveDVD Released

    The Gentoo project has pout out version 12.0 of their pre-spun LiveDVD for those looking to give this decade-old distribution a shot...

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    Yaaay! Always nice to have a more modern Live-DVD to use when screwing up Grub2 or something else.

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    I personally prefer SystemRescueCD for both installing Gentoo and as a rescue CD (or USB drive or installed somewhere on /boot), although I haven't looked at the Gentoo live CDs/DVDs for quite some time. It's also useful if you need support for uncommon or experimental features (that's how I got Gentoo on btrfs a while ago).

    Anyway, I guess a full network install makes a lot of sense for something like Gentoo, so getting an entire DVD first doesn't seem so appealing unless you're installing in a restricted environment. It probably does fill the role of a reference installation base for Gentoo as a project, or maybe a step up from minimal CDs, besides special use-cases.

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    You got the xfce version wrong. It should be 4.8 and not 4.2.1.

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    Actual XBMC is quiet cool to look at
    There is also Awesome, openbox and much more...

    I see it more like a DVD to have a look at what you can run with Gentoo, rather than see it as a reference for a standard installation (if there is any in Gentoo). Really good work and I didn't have any problems... except my VM needed ~4GB RAM for the biggere DE to work flawless.

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