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Thread: Cedar Trail graphics drivers (N2600, N2800) for Linux

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    Default Cedar Trail graphics drivers (N2600, N2800) for Linux

    Any idea if the PowerVR GPU in the new atoms will be supported by the driver under linux? And by supported I mean work without problems on mainstream distros like Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora etc. I am not very hopeful but comments welcome

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    There is KMS support for GMA3600 in the gma500_gfx driver, also the old staging version psb_gfx has support. 3D support is not on the horizon for those drivers but there is a chance we can get the video decoder working. I'm currently looking into overlay support but primarily for Poulsbo since I haven't got my GMA3600 hardware yet.

    I don't know what the Intel EMGD driver supports but I guess that is where you should look if you need 3D.

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