Nov 2008, Intel launched first Core i7 in LGA 1366 platform to redefine the enthusiast position.
2009, Intel launched LGA1156 for mainstream to mid-high range, called first generation Core i structure.
Jan 2011, Intel launched 2nd Generation Core i, LGA 1155 platform, to replace LGA 1156 product line.
However, Sandy Bridge structure didnít phase into high end market immediately. Thatís why LGA 1366 X58 platform stays for 3 years.
Finally, 14 Nov, Intel announced latest LGA 2011 platform with X79 chipset, called Sandy Bridge-E.
The main product change in 2011 is LGA 1155 replaces LGA 1156 and LGA 2011 replaces LGA 1366 product line.

As latest Intel Enthusiast product, LGA 2011, the market position is same as LGA 1366.
CPU is 6C12T mainly. i7-3820 is 4C8T, similar to i7-920.
LGA 2011 first launch 2 CPUs, i7-3930K and i7-3960X, are both 6C12T.
i7-3820 4C8T will be launched in Jan 2012. The price should be similar to i7-960 or i7-2600K.

I am using Intel Core i7-3960X, same price as 990X, is 999USD by K SKUs based.
The clock is 3.3GHz. It supports Turbo Boost 2.0 auto OC technology. The max clock is 3.90GHz.
Itís physical 6 Cores and Hyper-Threading technology supporting 12 threads, called 6C12T.
32nm manufacturing, TDP 130W, 15MB L3 Cache, the most high-end CPU in LGA 2011.

3960X backside should be 2011 dots in theory. CPU dimension is much bigger than LGA 1366.

The main difference of LGA 2011 is optional cooler. Intel provides 2 kinds of cooler for users.
Intel BXRTS 2011AC cooler and Intel RTS 2011LC water cooling kit.
Intel original water cooling kit is similar to others closed pattern kit.

CPU contact surface is copper. If they can polish, it will be even better.

Installation guide, accessories and kits. It supports Intel LGA 1155/11156/1366/2011.

Fan is DELTA CNDP131F10 and the spec is 12VDC 0.29A
Whole kit is 3 years warranty. I think water cooler should provide better service to encourage more users to use it.

MB is GIGABYTE G1.Assassin2, X79 Chipset, for Gaming design.
Itís same as X58 G1.Assassin color tone, black and green. The appearance is rare to see.

Itís E-ATX and size is 30.5cm x 26.4cm.
G1 is for Gaming market. GIGABYTE uses better audio and LAN components.