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Thread: Adjusting settings for intel HD Graphics 3000

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    Default Adjusting settings for intel HD Graphics 3000

    New to phoronix - have read some of the articles on linux Sandybridge -very helpful!
    I am having trouble getting an application running that works on Nvidia and ATI cards with Sandybridge (i7-2610ue) cpu with RHEL 5/6.
    To get 3d graphics working at all (with proper display resolutions), we switched to 2.6.32-220. This gets OSG based graphics apps working - but not quite all the way.
    On the ATI, I had to make changes to settings in amdcccle to sync to vblank mode and antialiasing/aniso (similar things can be done in nvidia-settings). How can I do the same for intel graphics? Is there anything similar to nvidia-settings or aticonfig/control panel?

    I am just starting to test, so I don't know if other things are broke, but initial indications look like some vertex shaders aren't compiling. Is there a different kernel that I should use? Note: The 3rd party app was built on RHEL5.


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    Thats a very old kernel, if you want to use 2 displays you would need kernel 3.2 (not even 3.0/3.1 have got the needed backports). But even then you get at max the correct res, for everything else you need newer mesa, you distro is definitely the wrong choice for that.

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    See driconf for tuning those things on Intel.

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