7.12s are coming soon - time to play the guessing game again...

I'll start:

Name: about time fglrx stopped flickering

Fetures: latest installscripts from phorogit, alot more bugs found, fgl pci ids added, 1 bug fixed ,tiny changelog plus a speed bump in et:qw (with a watermark hidden n the bottom right corner and a version bump to ccc yet no new features)

Date: 18th Dec

On a more serious side, im actually quite happy with the driver train - you know theres always something round the corner... n if there isn't theres radeon HD

I suppose it'll be once the linux team expands and most of the ati documentation is released that will start to see the driver mature... hopefully this'll coincide with a native steam + source port by valve and more interaction with the community...

No chance you can make a mini pci-x card for the eeepc while your at it