They are the game vendors, i am the customer, the details of how their code works is nothing of my business, neither is their licensing of third party code.

All i need to know is if i can buy the game and use it. Right now, that is a definate no, and if that doesent change soon, i will simply loose interrest, exactly as if amd had had some kind of middleware issue preventing peopel from running linux on amd64's, well then i simply wouldnt be buying an amd64 now, as the intel cpu's are superior.

i dont really care WHY the client is not within my reach, it simply isnt, and if i because of their screwup(whomever is responsible) loose interrest, they cant really blame that on linux users not wanting to buy stuff..

im sure they themselves wouldnt be so interrested in buying access to physx stuff if licensing issues, for WHATEVER reason, prevented ageia to sell it to them, untill it was horribly outdated.

its simply the reality of things.