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Well I wrote to about 20 mainstream news tech sites about the situation, the total number of sites willing to do a story on it was 0. You even take a look at the diggs on the subject and interest was low. It's at the point now where you wonder if Epic would even bother spending the capitol to work around legal issues. The story couldn't even get a 1000 diggs, so you have to look at it from Epics point of view and look at the return on investment. Right now it just doesn't make financial sense.
Yeah, I was a bit disappointed in the results, myself.

Truth be known, I can't be bothered past my own efforts here- I've got other axes to grind- and if Epic's not going to put the thing out, then it's no skin off my nose.

More than enough people willing to give us titles- and more most likely in the months to come. You want to do console, great guys... Just don't expect to find people all that interested- console's the most fickle of the bunch when you get to brass tacks.