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Thread: MeeGo-Successor Tizen Is Not On Wayland Yet

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    Default MeeGo-Successor Tizen Is Not On Wayland Yet

    Phoronix: MeeGo-Successor Tizen Is Not On Wayland Yet

    One of the first areas I looked at when the initial Tizen source-code and SDK were released this week was whether the Wayland Display Server is yet playing any role in this HTML5-focused Linux distribution being led by Intel, Samsung, and other industry leaders...

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    Default Wayland and Tizen

    Carsten Haitzler (a.ka. the Rasterman), who has been working on Enlightenment for quite long and who has also been a Samsung employee for a while now, commented on Wayland and Tizen on Tizen's general mailing list back in December.

    wayland as such is still far from a usable replacement to x (+wm + compositor).
    it needs a lot of work, so we're moving slowly and carefully. but we're moving.
    as such in principle efl is very well geared to wayland as it already has an
    abstracted input layer and it's output layers totally match wayland (shm
    segment or opengl es/egl - we already are there and done with our outputs and
    totally don't rely on things like x fonts and x 2d rendering etc. - we just
    need to put in the wayland glue and add some features to support waylands
    client-side decorations "world view". we'll actually make a wayland compositor
    too in the end that will actually be enlightenment - so it'll be a fully
    functioning desktop as u have in x with all the bells and whistles, menus,
    launchers, virtual desktops, wallpapers, etc. etc. etc.
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    About the EFL using wayland, a lot of work has been done by (only) Christopher Michael, in the Evas, Ecore and Elementary sides. I have myself not yet tried it, but it's improving quickly.

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