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Thread: The Zen Kernel Is Still Alive, Patching Linux 3.1

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    Default The Zen Kernel Is Still Alive, Patching Linux 3.1

    Phoronix: The Zen Kernel Is Still Alive, Patching Linux 3.1

    Besides MythTV, Cube 2, and many other open-source projects, another high-profile project that's still around and kicking but that's been quiet as of late is the Zen Kernel...

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    I used to love Zen, but nowaways I tend to stay away from it. I don't trust it, weird problems appearing at random and too frequently (at least for me).

    Interestingly D-Link is now using the excellent BFS. As reported on CK's blog, DSL-524T router shows "BFS CPU scheduler v0.363 by Con Kolivas" while loading

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    Quote Originally Posted by JinxterX on CK's blog
    For a bit of fun I patched BFS into a custom OpenWrt kernel and it works
    Not D-Link themselves.

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    Confirmed I patched and flashed it myself, nothing to do with D-Link.

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    I have used the great Liquorix kernels (which were forked off from Zen) and they have caused few issues for me lately. The most issues with the Zen and Liquorix kernels tend to crop up with people using rather esoteric setups or buggy hardware.

    The Liquorix kernel developer goes by the nick Damentz on here and a few other Linux boards...he's also done work on the Zen project in the past

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