I just have to wonder if Micheal is retarded or simpy trying to create a negative image of Linux / Open Source, this 'article' is a goddamn joke. Claiming that Linux 'still doesn't have 'proper' extFAT support'. Proper? As in in-kernel support? He knows full and well that the reason Linux doesn't have in-kernel support for exFAT or NTFS is that they are patented proprietary Microsoft filesystems and that including them would open up a new possible attack vector for Microsoft (you know, that company which is running around threatening to sue Linux using companies over patents unless they pay up). And yet while fully knowing this he uses it to attack Linux.

Meanwhile, just like with NTFS, exFAT is fully supported on Linux through fuse which is a file-system implementation OUTSIDE of the kernel, where it belongs given it's patented and proprietary nature.

But that doesn't stop Micheal from going with the bullshit headline of 'Microsoft's exFAT still crap on Linux'.

I mean wtf? I used to say that if Phoronix actually got their game together and fixed their appallingly bad compiler benchmark suite then I would happily pay for a subscription, not anymore. I'll keep clicking the ads from time to time to make up for the bandwidth I use here but no way will I buy a subscription on a site which is consistently puring out pure bullshit intended to make Linux and open source in general look bad. I don't know what Micheal's endgame is but it sure as hell isn't the promotion of Linux.