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Thread: Gallium3D For Haiku Is Being Addressed

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    Quote Originally Posted by allquixotic View Post
    Highly unlikely that they'll be able to convince the Mesa developers to use GCC2-compatible code in mainline. There's too many benefits to using new features in GCC4, and more #ifdefs will make the code unreadable.

    BeOS needs to use a compiler that's being actively developed, maintained, and receiving new features as language standards evolve. Unless someone wants to volunteer to support C++0x on the GCC2 platform, that's not very likely.

    Oh and presumably they're using the *actual* GCC 2.x, not 2.95 (which is probably derived from egcs, which eventually became gcc3)? Pre-egcs gcc was terrible. I've used it.
    GCC2 indeed sucks. The reason we use GCC2 is for compatibility with BeOS binaries. Keep in mind that Haiku also has a well developed and stable gcc4 build.

    The plan I have going forward is to use Mesa 7.8.2 (software rendering only) for GCC2 Haiku, and latest Mesa mainline (+hardware rendering?) for gcc4 builds.

    The reason for using Mesa 7.8.2 on gcc2 builds is that anything newer then 7.8.2 has the new glsl C++ code which is c99. c99 C++ code does NOT compile in gcc2 without a HUGE number of changes.
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