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Thread: Oracle Has Yet To Clarify Solaris 11 Kernel Source

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    Interesting claims. Can you prove your claims? Do you have links? I have links, for instance, when the Systemtap team confesses they copied from DTrace. Do you have links that prove DTrace copied from Linux?

    Regarding DTrace (do you want to see links that prove this?)
    -FreeBSD has ported DTrace
    -Mac OS X has ported DTrace
    -QNX has ported DTrace
    -VMware has copied DTrace, and call it vProbes
    -IBM AIX has copied DTrace and call it ProbeVue
    -Linux has copied DTrace and call it Systemtap

    Regarding RCU, I have never heard about it. Everybody (including the Linux camp) has heard about DTrace and ZFS because they are new and innovative. But RCU? What is that? If it is innovative and cool, everybody should have talked about it? Can you explain what RCU is? Can you make a list of OSes, that have ported or copied RCU?
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