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Thread: Intel Ivy Bridge Linux Support Clarification

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    Default Intel Ivy Bridge Linux Support Clarification

    Phoronix: Intel Ivy Bridge Linux Support Clarification

    Following the Will Intel's Ivy Bridge Be Trouble-Free On Linux? article, I received some additional information from Intel concerning the Linux support for their next-generation Ivy Bridge processors...

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    Thanks for the update here! Hope you get some good answers about Medfield!

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    maybe Mooley Eden should have used linux to play a game on ivb instead of playing a video with vlc at ces

    or is just the new way of steering a video (game) *g*

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    in front of my box :p


    I so ROFLd when I read the news on I mean, not having a product ready for a good demo on an exhibition is one thing, but trying to cheat people with a video that is playing while pretending to drive a racing car in game... wow. That's even better than nvidia's fake bricks of Fermi cards.
    The AMD fanboy in me was very happy.

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