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Yes and no. Depends how much back-logic is there. Cross-platform desktop applications may be exposed via HTML5 [...]
You are completely right, I was just amazed how Qt simplifies writing cross platform application in C++. I used Qt in my MA thesis, I wrote proof of concept application for Linux, Windows and Symbian. The same code, just recompile. Beside small bugs everything worked quite smoothly. Of course Qt brings some problems, Symbian port was beta-quality and had some issues with threads and input handling, but (form me) it would be impossible to write such application in very limited time.
I know that Qt is not a remedy form every problem, but it really helps in C++ applications, when usage of Java or HTML is not possible. Is not the only solution too. But (IMHO) in this case it's done great job. This application don't use platform dependent features, differences in file and network handling were solved by using Qt. Could be done in another way? Surely, but this way was chosen