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Thread: CrossOver 11 Is Coming, Based On Wine 1.4

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    Default CrossOver 11 Is Coming, Based On Wine 1.4

    Phoronix: CrossOver 11 Is Coming, Based On Wine 1.4

    CodeWeavers is now working towards CrossOver 11.0 as the next major version of their Office and Gaming products that allow popular Windows software to run unmodified under Linux and Mac OS X platforms. CrossOver 11 will be based upon the Wine 1.4 release and is expected for release in just a few months...

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    Great, I'm looking forward to this release. Our company is really interested in having crossover as we need Internet Explorer 6 with Java plugin working perfectly. Hopefully this release will be the good one.

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    You know... I completely forgot I had a paid subscription with them until I saw this post.

    Honestly, I only bought it to support their model and wine development. When wine added support for Xinpu2, their own paid version became a little obsolete for a lot of games.

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