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I guess there are still no independent volume controls for each application.
How this doesn't seem to bother most people is completely beyond me. The ability to tune down a game slightly while playing some music with an audio player and still being able to clearly hear people talking on teamspeak or skype and not missing pidgin sound notifications is essential for me.

But no, not the way alsa works, I have to use pulseaudio for that. Insanity if you ask me.
useless crap, if you ask me.
every app already has its volume controls, use it.

but nooo, we need one more layer of software mixing and useless buffering, riiight...

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If you use PulseAudio, not just plain ALSA, then forget it. PA does not support hardware mixing, and never will. This is what the creator of PA said about it:

"PA does not make use of hardware mixing. And I don't plan to change that. It's obsolete technology."
holy shit ! i knew Lennart is somewhere-out-there but this... now i'm genuinely scared.
all this trend to throw everything onto one chip which now have to satisfy queue of bazillion things in a timely manner sickens me. if this is the future then future sucks !