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These forums have long passed the point of no return. I give up.

Mesa GL workarounds for the love of the hungry children worldwide. You can make a difference!
I guess you miss the point. The point is that we can wait for perfection before we go on to fix these incompatibilities. People have real apps that they want to use, that don't work, and the easiest and most reasonable solution is a shim or workaround of some sort. Mesa will never have a fully functioning stack. It's been, what, 15 years or more that the project has existed and we are now struggling to talk about reaching minimum 3.0 GL requirements (when 3.0 was released almost 4 years ago), to say nothing of good performance for the parts that are actually implemented. If we wait for a perfect implementation before addressing broken apps, we will never arrive. Mesa has to address both the need to reach GL compliance and the need for people to get real work done today. That entails compromises. In the same way that it'd be great if everyone in the world could be fed and clothed before we move on to bigger things, but because of the complexities involved, it's better to let some people move on to greater things before everyone is clothed and fed -- so too in the world of Mesa is it necessary to make compromises and provide workarounds even when, in a perfect world, we wouldn't.