I am considering a new system and we have a classic AMD/Intel fight on our hands.
It doesn't have to be blazing fast, but it has to be supported and 'reasonably' fast.

I had an RS690 class graphics that was promised accelerated video decoding.
Never got one. Catalyst support was flaky, but good til they tossed it into a
legacy support mode (basically FU). Afterwards they made open-source driver
and performance was under 50% of fglrx driver and it never got much better.
So I'm pissed.

Now, I'm still interested trying Llano, however, I don't want to be pushed into
legacy linux support the same way they did it before. So this one goes to you,
mr. Bridgman (no disrespect in any way) - for how long do you expect to support
official Catalyst linux Llano (Evergreen) graphics driver? I know that xf86-video-ati
is never going to work for me performance-wise nor powersave-wise.

So, basically, tell me... should I go with SNA i5 HD series

Forum fellow' comments are most welcome.