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When did you try HD79XX last time?
An abundance of benchmark information exists for both setups, with fairly similar platforms. I found that the difficulty in comparing was to find matching games. A lot of 5770 benchmarks were done with crisis, most 79XX benchmarks were done with crisis 2, and so on. I assure you that in instances where 2X5770s are running the same games as a 7970, the difference in performance was usually within 10%.

That said, there were a number of instances where the 7970 dominated due to SLI quirks.

I'm not saying that 2X5770's are better than a 7970. I'm simply pointing out that (for games on a system that meets SLIs's prereqs) adding a second 5770 is a viable and much cheaper option that will enable users to run res2k games in the short term.

Re: New 79XX drivers are faster now:
As are the 5770 drivers.

Is there a chart somewhere to show what asymmetric SLI setups will actually work? I know that you can combine stuff from the same generation (A8/A6 and 5770, 5750 and 5770), but can you combine a 5770 with a 6950 or 7950?