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Thread: Radeon 3850 and Ubuntu 7.10 console problem

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    Exclamation (Solved) Radeon 3850 and Ubuntu 7.10 black screen console problem

    If I change from Desktop to Console mode (Ctrl+F2, i.e.), i can't go back, the screen turns black, using "vesa" driver.

    The latest propietary driver (fglrx) does not resolve the problem, but at least 3D acceleration is working.

    Is there any way to resolve the black screen problem?

    PC: Asus P5K-VM, E6750, 2 GB Ram, Ati 3850 256 MB.


    Solved by adding "vesafb" to the "kernel" line in /boot/grub/menu.lst;

    This two pages answered my question:
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