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Well, compiz isn't dead over here ~ but then again, I don't use Fedora

By your bug report, clearly you knew how to fix the problem ~ why didn't you just submit a patch, then? (or even just create/use the patch yourself, when making your compiz packages?).

I mean not every distro does things the same. (that being said, yeah, i agree it should be fixed)...But i still don't see that as a huge issue.... On Archlinux (as an example), i often have to modify sources/or export which version of python to use (python2 or python(3)... ). I don't see your packaging problem, being any bigger of a deal than that. It takes less than a minute to create and apply a patch, or write a fix using 'sed' to modify the 2 lines, mentioned in your report.


I did but upstream never responded.