Ever since Intel officially launch Sandy Bridge-E new platform in 2011 November,
several motherboard companies successively roll out new motherboard based on X79 chipset to support Intel next generation high-end platform.
Due to the continuous effort of self-own brand management made by FOXCONN, Quantum Force series still dominant high-end motherboard.
FOXCONN X79 Quantuman1 still provides various choices for the market though the quantities of Quantum Force series are not as various as they are in the past time.

Soon after the release of Intel X79 chipset, FOXCONN promptly roll out corresponding X79 motherboard.
Quantum Force was naming in a special way which the Intel code wonít be shown on the models.
This time, QUANTUMAN1 which belongs to the series of Quantum Force still follows the high-end style both in material and design.

The patterns shown on exterior packing of high-end product are always different which exhibits the great efforts on art design.

The full picture of FOXCONN QUANTUMAN1
Quantum Force is common to use black and red to create contrast visual sense.
Currently, there are more and more motherboard brands adopt these two colors to match.

It is known that the market segment of Quantuman 1 x79 is positioned as high-end product line.
Besides, the corresponding specification, design and featured over clocking function have also been highly highlighted.

Product manual, easy guide, nVIDIA SLI 3Way bridge, CD and IO shield

SATA connectors and cables both in red and yellow
DC power cable SATA

The lower left side of motherboard
4 X PCI-E 2.0 X16,supports 4Way CrossFireX / 3Way nVIDIA SLI
Bandwidth X16+X8+X16+X8,PCI-E slot is using X16
1 X PCI-E X1
Dual Gigabyte Lan, Realtek 8111E and Intel 82975V
Audio, Realtek ALC892, supports up to 7.1 channel and High Definition Audio

The lower right side of motherboard
2 x red SATA3, provided by x79 chipset
4 x black SATA2, provided by x79 chipset
Above could mix to establish RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and RAID 10.
The maximum performance could be determined by installed SATA
2 x red SATA3, provided by ASM1601 chipset
Dual BIOS、1 X front panel header and 1 X USB 2.0 device slot

The upper right side of motherboard
The color of DDR3 DIMM slot is also red in order to be consistent to the other parts,
from which we can see that FOXCONN pays a lot of attention on minor design as well. The upper black part is 24-PIN power input.
The right black parts are front USB3.0 expansion slots.

The upper side of motherboard
LGA 2011 CPU adopt 14 phase digital PWM, heat sink on upper side of motherboard could heat dissipation for MOSFET
Both left and right side, 4 X DIMM DDR3 which supports up to 32GB of system memory
Quad channel DDR3 2400(oc*)/2133 (oc*)/1866(oc*)/1600/1333/1066, supports Extreme Memory Profile