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Thread: Intel Is Planning To Drop PowerVR Graphics

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealNC View Post
    PowerVR was good! Back in 1995, that is :-P
    Hey, my Kyro II was very good value for the money back in 2001.

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    On Windows, yes. But on Linux you'll have to do it with vesa and the kernel's kyrofb.

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    Intel has just announced a dual core medfield, and with it confirmed that they are incorporating a new PowerVr graphics core (new to Intel that is), SGX544MP2@533Mhz. Shipping in end user devices mid next year. So no move from PowerVr in the mid-term

    Should provide more than double the graphics performance of the current ipad2, and is Dx9 compliant, allowing it to be targetted towards win8 devices.

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