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Thread: OpenSUSE Enters The Beer Business With "Old Toad"

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    Default OpenSUSE Enters The Beer Business With "Old Toad"

    Phoronix: OpenSUSE Enters The Beer Business With "Old Toad"

    Nearly all of the X.Org/Wayland coverage from last week's FOSDEM 2012 event is available on Phoronix. There's one other Phoronix point to make from FOSDEM 2012... For those that don't know, openSUSE is in the beer business. Yes, the Linux project does really sell openSUSE beer...

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    I'm not grumping but I can hardly think of a wackier name, though it's original.

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    I brew beer! From nice ambers to 13% imperial stouts! I wish I could have gotten my hands on some of that.

    Whats your fav beer style Michael (and others)? :-) If you like fruit in your beer, please don't reply.

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    We brew beer a couple of times a year in our house

    You can get the ingredients online... usually some Lager and once a Cider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgui View Post
    Whats your fav beer style Michael (and others)? :-) If you like fruit in your beer, please don't reply.

    It depends upon the weather, what I am eating, my mood, and other factors, but in general always happy with an Augustiner Hell, Tegernseer Hell, or Franziskaner. Only time I have fruit in beer is when in Berlin and having a Berliner Weisse with Waldmeister/Woodruff.

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    Such a basic pils tasty compared to belgian beers? Hell, that's just insulting to real beer lovers. Or am I misinterpreting?

    Anyway, this is a nice initiative, and I would gladly test how it fares as a light common beer.

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    Default Toad?

    I'm pretty sure that the SUSE logo is a Chameleon...

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    in my own mind (the people's banana republic of Canada)

    Default a name only a FLOSS developer would love

    Seriously....Old Toad?
    Why not Stinky Sock?
    Clenched Anus?

    I get that flossers are horrible at anything to do with words (do you have any kids who use Choqok? do you know how 105% of them call the program? 1st word is 'choke', you figure the rest) and I will leave some leeway at foreigners using another language but this is wholly unapetizing as a name.

    Look you can be wacky and NOT disgusting and that doesnt involve throwing a random G or K in front of a name.

    Im pretty sure the british pudding called Spotted Dick was also invented by an open source developer.
    Although Ive had german beer and english food and one is much closer to horrible naming that other. (its impossible to defend Marmite, blood pudding, haggis, jellied eels although trifle gest a pass because its basically getting drunk while eating)

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