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Thread: dpkg based Gnome Shell distro

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    Default dpkg based Gnome Shell distro

    I am using Ubuntu for a while now and tried Unity, but I got fed up with the compiz bugs and switched to Gnome Shell. I found out that I like Gnome Shell.

    Sadly Gnome Shell is a second class citizen in Ubuntu, so I was comtemplating swithing to Fedora. But I don't like yum and rpms. Is there a dpkg/.deb based distro where Gnome Shell is the main desktop and where all the features are correctly integrated?

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    Default debian ?


    I left ubuntu for debian since unity appeared.... and I'm happy of gnome shell too.
    Debian stable is too old (february 2011), but Gnome 3.2 is available in debian/testing.


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    Ubuntu is based on the Unstable branch of Debian, the Testing branch is quite "stable" for desktop use. Debian Stable is "stable" on a whole different level and probably not up-to-date enough for home desktop use IMO.

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