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Thread: Hooray, NVIDIA reaffirms its plans to support Optimus under Linux

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    Talking Hooray, NVIDIA reaffirms its plans to support Optimus under Linux

    From danix:

    About a new --no-opengl-files flags in new NVIDIA drivers:

    the NVIDIA driver still needs NVIDIA GLX and GL libraries in order for OpenGL to work.

    The intention is to avoid clobbering existing GL/GLX libraries (such as Mesa/Gallium3D) that might be needed for a different (non-NVIDIA) GPU. This can be useful in settings where the NVIDIA GPU is not used for graphics at all. For example, using an NVIDIA GPU for CUDA/OpenCL on a system which already has a different GPU that is being used for graphics, including OpenGL.

    Yes, if you want to install the NVIDIA GL libraries, but avoid conflict with an existing GL implementation, the --opengl-prefix flag works fine for that. This option isn't for that, though; it's for avoiding installation of GL libraries completely when they're not needed at all.

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    reaffirms its plans to support Optimus under Linux
    That's a bit of a long shot from "we spent 5 min adding a convenience option for third-party-solution users". There's no official support for Optimus.

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    I currently have i5 2320 CPU with Intel IGFX on-board and also GTX560Ti heater installed in my PCI-e slot.
    Both work nice separately. But I wonder if I can utilize the two side by side.
    Is it correct that as of today there's no way to use the GPU for CUDA/OpenCL only and do graphics processing with IGFX?

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