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Thread: Radeon HyperZ In Open-Source On Older Hardware

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    Quote Originally Posted by keivan View Post
    I have one of those r300 cards and I want to test HyperZ. Is there anybody knows how to enable it?
    Thanks in advance
    Edit: first make sure you have the latest git code, as there are known bugs otherwise.

    set the env var RADEON_HYPERZ and run piglit with parameters: -c 0

    r500 hardware defaults on, r300/r400 need the environment variable set.

    To double check it's on, watch stdout of the GL application for "radeon: Acquired Hyper-Z." And apparently the hardware only supports 1 app at a time with HyperZ, so make sure you aren't running more than 1. (compositors for desktop graphics are blacklisted).
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