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Thread: KWin May Drop Support For Catalyst, Vintage GPUs

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    Quote Originally Posted by e8hffff View Post
    The Radeon driver is also extremely slow when compared to fglrx in Wine games.

    Why buy an expensive GFX card if the driver will only going to do 3d mode for KWin at acceptable levels.

    60+ fps

    (one only gets a few fps with Intel graphics)

    I personally don't run Wine or games, since I use my coputer for computing. This laptop with Radeon Mobility graphics was the same price as one with Intel graphics, but the AMD/ATI graphics hardware is of course far superior.

    The Radeon driver is not slow at all.

    If Wine has a problem with the open source Radeon driver, then it is high time Wine fixed this. If they can't figure out how, perhaps the Wine project should simply adopt the Gallium3D state tracker for Direct3D.
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