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I know that shop, but I cannot eat each day only honey + oil, thats a bit disgusting and shurly unhealthy if you only it such stuff.
you are right but! but! anybody can sell supermarket food on bitmit.net

so if you really have the interesst to life euro free other people can do this job for you.

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because you will shurely have transit costs, also if you change a official-non-money into a official money it counts as income.
you can transit with privat people. and you can do this cash on hand.

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So and the social system here, takes for the poor people the biggest percentage of taxes. so a rich guy pays 45% maybe with rich-people-tax (from the stuff that floets offical) and from me (Arbeitslosengeld 2) they would after 100 euros that goes free take 80% of all the money. So its totaly unlogical to work a bit in this system, you have to get 1000,- better 1500,- Euros after tax fulltime to make sense, working some small projects and do that legaly is totaly stupid, and especialy do that as independent contractor with rish of not getting all the time the same money is totaly stupid, you have to pay at least your health care for your selth you have to pay that double, so you have to at least earn 1500,- Euro before tax to have a small amount more money than with earning 0 euro.

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Its a system that does on purpose or just on bad design prevent people from working. So the choices you have if you dont can or want to earn 1500-2500,- Euro each month and work full time as independet man with all the risk, but want to work a bit you have to use bitcoins or some sort of Local Exchange Trading Systems or Schemes or working illigal. Again we should fast lower the stupid work-taxes (since when do we make high taxes on stuff we have to less and want more of) and completly get all the income from consume taxes especialy for our social system, because here we have a totaly stupid system the rich people get more money from that system but they pay in % less money to this systems, totaly stupid uneven system.
i think Politics is out of the question here.

bitcoin is not about the politics bitcoins is about freedom.

illegal how cares?

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We also would have better competition system, so a german product has exactly the same amount of social costs in it like a produkt from china. So we could maybe not be cheaper but nearly produce at the same prices and maybe there and there with better quality, we would not have like now often have extremely more expensive products that only rich people could buy.
if rich people but it were is the problem? not all humans need a porsche to drive to the supermarket.

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And yes if nobody pays taxes there is no tax-free money part in our income because you pay the taxes only when you buy stuff, so we need the basic income grant as replacement for the tax-free basic income right.
you are right here and i vote for this !